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NCHICA Announces Closure

Dear NCHICA Members and Colleagues,

It is with heavy heart that we announce the permanent closure of NCHICA. The COVID-19 restrictions, which forced us to cancel all of our major conferences in 2020, have had a devastating effect on NCHICA’s finances. We are in the process of shutting down operations, but still have the AMC Security & Privacy Conference webinar series available through the end of the year, and we hope you can join us to say farewell at our final three Roundtable meetings next month.

NCHICA was established in 1994 by Executive Order of Governor James B. Hunt, Jr. The founders of NCHICA had the foresight 26 years ago to realize that the delivery, quality, accessibility, and efficiency of healthcare could be vastly improved through the use of information technology. We have done much since then to improve healthcare with our diverse membership of providers, corporations, nonprofits, public agencies, and educational organizations.

The heart of NCHICA has always been its workgroups, comprised of dedicated volunteers from our member organizations. With your help, NCHICA was a key player in both state and national initiatives to advance healthcare. We developed consensus-based tools, policies, and other resources to aid the healthcare community in complying with HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and other regulations over the years.

We will greatly miss our loyal members and colleagues who have supported NCHICA over the years. We will miss seeing you at our annual conference and other educational events, workgroup meetings, and social events. It has been our honor to work with you. Together, we have made huge strides in accelerating the transformation of the US healthcare system through the effective use of information technology, informatics and analytics.


Jennifer Anderson
Executive Director


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