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The taskforce requests participation from:

  • Healthcare system staff representing:
    •  IT security
    •  clinical engineering
    •  procurement and legal departments
  •  Biomedical device manufacturers
  • Anyone involved in securing biomedical devices


Taskforce will be tasked to develop specific deliverable templates:

  • Develop a governance structure, specifically by suggesting language that would go into the Environment of Care Manual
  • Develop a draft facility security plan template that defines where biomed equipment may be stored or charged
  • Develop an asset management structure, with a focus on the minimum fields needed to assess risk
  • Establish specific device classes, based on risk characteristics that can be used for capital planning purposes, e.g.,:
    •  Keep: Can be patched and secured
    • Keep: Can be secured through compensating controls
    • Keep: Can be secured through isolation
    • Replace: Cannot be secured

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George Reed
Jonathan Langer

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